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Clearview Horizons Team

Kimberly Glazier Leonte, PhD

Founder of Clearview Horizons

My Therapeutic Approach

A collaborative process that tailors treatment to meet the needs of each child, adolescent, or adult is an integral aspect of my therapy approach. I was trained in the following orientations: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Compassion-Focused Therapy and draw from these modalities throughout the course of therapy. When working with people with anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), exposure and response prevention (ERP) is also an important aspect of our work. Assignments between sessions are highly encouraged since frequent and consistent practice of newly learned behaviors is the fastest way to promote lasting positive change.

Additionally, the most fundamental aspect to therapy is building a strong therapeutic rapport between client and therapist. In order to facilitate this process I believe in honesty and on-going feedback from both the client and myself regarding what aspects of the process are working well and what areas would be helpful to modify.

Kimberly Glazier Leonte, PhD

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment and/or in more information about my therapy services, please contact me by either email or phone, I look forward to speaking with you.

Email:  - Phone: 978-270-8925

My Education and Training


I am licensed clinical psychologist (License No. and State: 1​0​4​7​3 Massachusetts) practicing in North Andover, Massachusetts. My postdoctoral fellowship was completed at Rogers Memorial Hospital’s Chicago location where I worked in their partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs for adults and children with OCD and anxiety related disorders. My internship training was at Rogers Memorial Hospital’s founding location in Wisconsin at their residential OCD and anxiety centers for children and adults. In addition, my clinical career began as a counselor at McLean Hospital’s OCD-Institute in Belmont, Massachusetts.


During my graduate school training I had extensive supervision from prominent leaders in the field including: Dr. Karen Cassiday (President, Anxiety and Depression Association of America), Dr. Bradley Riemann (Chairman, Clinical Advisory Committee of the International OCD Foundation), Dr. Dennis Tirch (President, NYC-CBT Association and The Compassionate Mind Foundation USA), and Dr. Lata McGinn (Past-President, International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy). I received my doctorate in clinical psychology from Yeshiva University, masters in clinical psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University, and bachelors in clinical psychology from Tufts University.  For a more in-depth look at my clinical experiences please refer to my curriculum vitae.

My Areas of Specialty

My first clinical experience at McLean Hospital’s OCD-Institute shaped my clinical and research passion for this field. Over the years I have received extensive training and experience working with individuals with OCD, social anxiety, specific phobias, generalized anxiety, health anxiety, perfectionism, and depression. I have also provided comprehensive trainings to professionals in the field on understanding and treating OCD. My research has focused on OCD misdiagnosis as a way to highlight the need for greater OCD education and training among mental and medical health professionals and trainees. To help support this process, I developed the OCD Awareness Scale. Similarly, I am the co-Founder of The OCD Academy, which provides free and low cost educational resources to support individuals with OCD, people who have a loved one with OCD, and healthcare professionals. In addition, to my passion for working with people with OCD and doing OCD-based research, I am also passionate about, and conduct research focused on, decreasing mental health-related stigma.

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