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Treatment Roadmap

Researching and learning about OCD and anxiety treatments can be an empowering but also overwhelming experience.

There is a lot of valuable information available via various sources, including the internet, books, and online videos.

However, digesting the information and knowing which techniques to use or how to actually implement the specific techniques, such as exposures (e.g., ERP), to your specific needs can be confusing or may feel daunting.

Treatment Roadmap

The goal of the Treatment Roadmap appointment is to provide comprehensive information regarding OCD/anxiety and the targeted treatment recommendations in a structured manner. The education and information provided during the Treatment Roadmap appointment are tailored to each individual person’s specific OCD/anxiety.

A written report of the information covered during the Treatment Roadmap appointment will be provided within one week of the appointment. As the Treatment Roadmap appointment is not a therapy service, individuals are able to share the written summary with the individual’s treatment provider(s), such as one’s therapist or treatment team. If an individual is not currently in therapy, the Treatment Roadmap report can serve as an educational tool to assist in one’s wellness process.

Appointment Overview


The following areas will be covered extensively in the Treatment Roadmap appointment:

RITUALS: Rituals (also referred to as compulsions) are behaviors that strengthen OCD/anxiety. Understanding and then working on reducing one’s rituals is an essential part of the recovery process. While people are often aware of some of their rituals, it is common for people to not be fully aware of the many ways they are doing rituals.

WORRIES: People’s obsessions and anxiety can focus on any type of thought or feeling. Furthermore, it is common for people to have more than one worry and for worries to change overtime. An aim of the Treatment Roadmap appointment is to provide education regarding the worry process and common underlying themes of OCD/anxiety.

EXPOSURES AND OTHER ACCEPTANCE-BASED THERAPY APPROACHES: The gold-standard therapeutic approach for OCD/anxiety is exposure therapy (aka. exposure and response prevention; exposure and ritual prevention; ERP). The rationale for exposure therapy and the key components of the exposure process will be comprehensively covered. In addition to exposure therapy, other acceptance-based approaches that complement exposure therapy will be reviewed.

If you are interested in scheduling a Treatment Roadmap appointment with Dr. Kimberly Glazier Leonte, please contact Kimberly by either email or phone:

Phone: 978-270-8925
Rate: $500 (includes 60 minute appointment and follow-up written report)

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