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What to Expect


Prior to scheduling the first appointment, clients speak on the phone with the Clearview Horizons’ Director, Dr. Kimberly Glazier Leonte, to discuss their treatment needs and availability. The initial session is focused on learning about the individual’s current and prior relevant struggles, treatment history, and therapy goals.

The treatment plan is collaboratively discussed and, as needed, revised throughout the therapy process in order to best address each individual’s needs.


The pre-therapy telephone call to discuss initial background information and treatment needs is without cost.

Payments may be made in any of the following methods: cash, major credit or debit card, or check.

The below information describes the session details:

Duration: Sessions are 50 minutes in duration.
Cost: The session rates range between $200 –$300.

Please contact Kimberly Leonte, PhD for the specific rates for each therapist.

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