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OCD Diagnostic Assessments

Research has found there is often a significant delay between the onset of OCD and individuals learning what they are experiencing is OCD.

As OCD presents in a wide range of ways, it is common for both individuals with OCD and mental and medical health professionals who do not specialize in OCD, to not always realize when someone has OCD.

Unfortunately, many times people can feel “crazy” due to the content of their intrusive thoughts and the rituals the OCD causes them to do.

OCD Diagnostic Assessment

Learning about OCD and the OC-cycle is an important part of the recovery process, as it helps to normalize why people with OCD get stuck in their obsessions and compulsions. In addition, there are specialized treatments for OCD – the gold standard being Exposure therapy (e.g., ERP; exposure and response prevention).


The OCD Diagnostic Assessment appointment is for individuals who are unsure if they have OCD or are looking for a more comprehensive assessment and understanding of their OCD.

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