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Group Therapy

Adult Support Group

The OCD support group provides a motivational, educational, and collaborative space to assist individuals with OCD.

The group functions as both a supportive and learning environment. It provides a compassionate and safe space for individuals who would like to process their OCD with peers and learn more about OCD and the most effective OCD treatment approaches.

Each session includes a combination of educational information along with group discussion, support and feedback, and questions from the group attendees.

OCD Support Adult Group

Example topics of the educational OCD component includes the following:

–   Being your own therapist

–   Building and revising your exposure hierarchy

–   The dangers of reassurance seeking and accommodation with OCD

–   Cognitive reframing versus self reassurance

–   Self-compassion

–   Perfectionism and OCD

–   Mindfulness

–   Thought Defusion and OCD

–   Values and Goals

How to join the group

The group facilitator is Emilie Jacques, who is part of the Clearview Horizons’ OCD specialty practice. Louise has extensive training in OCD and anxiety. For more information on Louise please click here. This is an ongoing group; individuals are welcome to join at any time. Individuals are invited to come to each group meeting or may attend at whatever frequency best suits their needs. Prior to attending your first session please contact Kim at: or 978-270-8925.

Adult OCD Group: Tuesdays (bi-weekly) from 6:30-7:30pm via Zoom
Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: $30 per group

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