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Individual therapy

At Clearview Horizons, we work with individuals of all ages, starting with younger children through older adults. Since we are a specialty practice, the majority of our clients we work with are coming to us for OCD, anxiety, and/or perfectionism related care. As humans, many times people also have challenge areas in other areas, such as ADHD, depression or trauma. In addition, there are often significant similarities between OCD and eating/body image struggles, including perfectionism, difficulty with uncertainty, and desire to be in control. While we are OCD/anxiety specialists, we do have extensive experience working with these other areas as well.

Offerings | Individual Therapy

We find that practicing the therapeutic approaches and skills in between sessions is an incredibly important part of therapy process and reaching clients’ treatment goals. Therefore, we develop practice plans between sessions, and with clients’ consent provide an electronic copy of the plan after each session.


When working with children and adolescents we encourage parent involvement and on-going communication and collaboration between all parties. For adults, when helpful, we welcome one’s partner, parent(s) or other specific family members to join parts of sessions.


For more information about the therapy approaches we use and for information about each therapist, please visit the Team page.

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