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ERP Education Consultations 

Exposure therapy is the gold-standard treatment recommendation for OCD. The therapy is also known as exposure and response prevention and ERP. Many times individuals can think exposure therapy is simply learning how to face your fears. While this is a core aspect of the therapy, there are numerous, highly important aspects to the ERP process that that go beyond the underlying concept of facing one’s fears. Learning the ins and outs of exposure therapy is important, otherwise people can often feel that they are doing exposures in and out of their therapy but are unfortunately missing key components of the ERP process, which limits treatment gains.

ERP Education Consultations 

The ERP Education Consultation appointment is designed for individuals who are not working with a therapist in the practice but would like learn more about ERP for themselves or a loved one or are working with a therapist outside of Clearview Horizons and would like specialized guidance on ERP that they can also then share with their therapist.

The appointment provides comprehensive information regarding exposure therapy for OCD.

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