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Jackie and I did ERP therapy (exposure, response prevention) At first it was both difficult and upsetting for me to read and say the words that caused me so much fear and worry. But Jackie was supportive and encouraging. She reminded me that in the end, doing this hard work would pay off. She was absolutely correct. My OCD symptoms went from being a horrible 9 or 10 (when we first met) all the way down to a 1. The exposures also became easier the more I practiced them. 

Jackie was always very flexible. When I was very symptomatic, we met twice a week. When I started to do better we changed our meetings to once a week. For the past year or so I saw Jackie every other week. 

Jackie is very friendly, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I enjoyed our sessions together and looked forward to seeing her over zoom. If you struggle with anxiety or OCD, I highly recommend Jackie. I’m so glad I worked with her and she made a huge difference in my life.

My name is Carina, and I am currently in high school and have had OCD since I was little. However, I was only formally diagnosed about three years ago. Before working with Jacquelin (Jackie), I had had one other therapist for general anxiety. However, I noticed significant improvement after I began meeting with Jackie because she knew specifically what tools I needed to work on my OCD-specific anxiety. It also was a huge relief for me to talk to Jackie because she also has OCD and understood well what I was going through. During my freshman year of high school, I had a lot of depression associated with OCD on top of the anxiety I had just from going to school. I began seeing Jackie during April of that year, and by my sophomore year of high school, I already noticed a difference in how many intrusive thoughts would enter my head as well as the gravity of the effect they had on me. While I still was anxious, I slowly learned the tools I needed to deal with each specific situation and was able to understand my own OCD better because of what Jackie taught me. By my junior year of high school (this year), I knew exactly how to cope with my intrusive thoughts to the point where whenever I get them, which is way less frequently than freshman year, they barely bother me. I was very surprised at how relatively quickly I was able to combat something that had bothered me since I was at least five years old.

With the uncertainties introduced at the beginning of the pandemic, it was difficult dealing with my Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and trying to take control of my professional and personal life. I spent months looking for a therapist that worked for me before finding Jackie. During our sessions, I appreciated her attention to detail in setting goals for my exposure therapy and her ability to adjust methods when I had setbacks in my treatment. It was also beneficial to receive her feedback on how to overcome the social anxiety involved with starting a new job and moving into a new city. After reviewing my notes and talking to family members aware of my OCD, I saw the vast improvements that I made in 6 months.  For those looking for a therapist like myself, especially if you're new to therapy, I would highly recommend Jackie if she's available to take on new clients!


Jackie has supported me through a very difficult journey and has provided me with the tools to continue to move forward. She has helped me work through my emotions and not become bogged down and off track when anxiety becomes overwhelming. Jackie is empathetic and considerate and she has taught me to hold these same feelings for myself and to support myself. Jackie has helped me avoid getting mired in rumination about the past and to focus on my needs in the present. Working with Jackie has been a tremendous blessing and she has added to the joy and productivity in my life now.

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