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Nick’s Mom

With my son, Nick, just getting him to agree to seek counseling was hard work. As I am sure many of you know how debilitating OCD can be. He finally agreed to go to Clearview Horizons, and we met Kristen Maines. In the beginning, my son was very closed off, but Kristen was very patient with him and got him to open and understand his obsessive behaviors. He went from not being able to share his obsessive thoughts to being able to write them down, and eventually saying them out loud. He practiced what Kristen taught at home and was able to do things I never thought he would because of his OCD. I am very appreciative of what Kristen has done for Nick and myself, in educating us on Obsessive Disorders and giving us support and direction. I would recommend anyone who suffers from OCD not to hesitate to seek out Kristen for assistance. You will be glad that you did.

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