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"Before I began therapy with Kim I was in my early 20s, just out of college, and felt lost, hopeless, and deeply sad. I had been in therapy before and tried various antidepressants, and while these treatments had helped me to feel a bit better and get through some hard times I still felt that I was, at heart, a sad person and always would be. My work with Kim changed all that. Kim made me feel right off the bat that I had finally found a therapist who could really understand and help me. People often say that their therapist has “given” them “tools” that help them to cope with their problems. Kim did give me valuable cognitive tools, but to describe her technique as a therapist in just those terms would be doing her a disservice. Kim helped me to find the tools for myself, employing a truly collaborative therapy that allowed me to find and make use of strengths I had forgotten I had. In addition to transforming my experience of anxiety and depression, Kim helped me to explore my values and interests and ultimately to find a meaningful career path that has given me a sense of purpose in life that I never thought I would have. In addition to a mastery of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and her broad knowledge of the science behind modern psychology, Kim brings her own special brand of empathy and compassion to her work. Her genuine expression of caring, curiosity, and enthusiasm for therapy continue to inspire me, and will undoubtedly help to change the lives of many clients. I cannot recommend Kim as a therapist highly enough or properly express my gratitude for our work together. I can say though that regardless of what you’re struggling with, whether it’s difficult life changes, painful emotions or seemingly unchangeable and problematic habits, Kim will be able to help in a way that only the most talented of therapists can."

"We feel so unbelievably fortunate to have found Dr. Leonte. After doing some research to find a therapist, my husband and I contacted her through email asking if she would meet with our 14 year old daughter who was struggling with perfectionism, anxiety and OCD. Dr. Leonte immediately responded to us and was able to work with our schedule. Over the last year, our daughter’s life has changed dramatically for the better. When we first contacted Dr. Leonte, our daughter would take hours to fall asleep at night because of her numerous rituals and she felt like she was being tortured by her anxiety. Dr. Leonte was so warm and easy to talk to, that our daughter immediately felt comfortable sharing her feelings and facing her fears. Dr. Leonte was amazing in helping her recognize that she doesn’t need to be controlled by her anxiety, and that small exposures will eventually make a big difference. A year later, our daughter is doing wonderful. Although anxiety is still a part of her, she is now able to recognize and face it so it doesn’t grow. Dr. Leonte came into our daughter’s life at such a critical time in her development and was able to give her lifelong tools that we know she will use."

Rebekah's Mom

"We worked with Kim when we discovered our 13 year old daughter, Rebekah, had OCD. Kim connected with Rebekah immediately. Kim’s enthusiasm helped her overcome her fears in a way that was both measurable and authentic. Kim’s knowledge and energy changed our lives and we will forever be grateful for that."


"When I first started working with Kimberly, OCD and anxiety were controlling me and my life. I felt like I could not enjoy the small moments in my life because I was so consumed by my anxiety and OCD. I was so concerned about every little thing being ‘perfect” all the time that I had less time for important things and people. After working with Kimberly for 6 months, I have acquired the tools and different ways of thinking in order to get my life back and to be the best me possible. I am no longer controlled by my anxiety and OCD and I would highly recommend working with Kimberly."


"Kim is a very kind and patient person who goes above and beyond to make sure the people she is working w/ receives the best care possible. No matter what the problem, Kim is able to help and find a light at the end of the tunnel when there doesn’t seem to be one. Her intelligence and understanding of CBT techniques allows her to help her patients in a variety of ways. I highly recommend Kim for anyone who is dealing w, OCD, anxiety/depression, or mood disorders."

Erin’s Mother

"Our 11 year old daughter Erin was extremely lucky to be under the care of Dr. Kimberly Glazier Leonte while being treated for OCD. Kim is clearly well educated in her field. Her knowledge,experience and compassion always put us at ease even during the most trying times. Our daughters case was not an easy one and Kim never gave up. She is so passionate about what she does and it shows in her work with her patients and their progress. Our daughter made great progress while under Kim’s care and we are extremely grateful."

"The transition to middle school for our son was difficult. Difficulty with changes in routine, worry of the "what ifs" in life, and a tendency to only deal in black and white rules in childhood turned into full blown panic attacks accompanied with debilitating headaches and other physical ailments which caused him to miss quite a bit of school and start to withdraw from family and friends. We all realized he needed more help than our love alone could provide. That is when we found Dr. Leonte. From the first phone call, she seemed to understand and recognize what we all had been going through and we finally felt we had a direction and some hope in dealing with the OCD and resulting anxiety that had become overwhelming. Over the next year and a half, we all worked together as a team to get our son back on the right track and give him the life-long skills to deal with his OCD, worry, and anxiety. Throughout the process of helping him, she was always available to us, as parents, to answer questions, offer advice if a particular exposure was providing new challenges, and give us important strategies for addressing certain behaviors or putting the homework plan in place. Today, our son is happier and healthier and ready to navigate the challenges that high school will bring. We have grown closer as a family through working with Dr. Leonte and are so grateful for everything she has done for us and for the peace in knowing if things start to become overwhelming again, we have help and hope to turn too."


"When I first started working with Kim, I so desperately wanted a change in my life and a plan in order to do so. The symptoms of my anxiety (OCD) and depression were causing me extreme pain. Over the course of a year, Kim helped me cultivate the skill set to combat these symptoms while addressing the underlying problems. Through homework and with the use of mantras, Kim helped give me the tools to take control of my life and to help myself (an extremely empowering feeling). Kim has an empathetic, sweet and intelligent way of validating the feelings of her clients and creating a safe environment where work can be done. I cannot recommend Kim enough to anyone who is suffering; a year of learning self validation, OCD exposure homework and therapy has completely changed my outlook on life."


"Therapy with Kim changed my life for the better. When I started working with her, I had OCD and was very anxious all the time. After seeing her every day for 14 days and periodically for a few months, I am calm and know that I can do hard things, even if they make me nervous or afraid at first. Even though the assignments were challenging, I felt empowered that I could overcome my anxiety."


"As Cliche as this may sound, there are no other words, Kim has TRULY changed my life! After struggling with OCD and anxiety for 20+ years it had finally taken its toll and taken over my life, and was unfortunately affecting my husband and young child as well. Before making the decision to get help for my severe OCD, I was going WEEKS without showering and brushing my teeth (because avoiding was easier), I could not touch Raw meat, bathe my child, or do laundry or daily chores. I knew I needed help and hoped for the best, but never expected to have my life back as it just seemed hopeless. I was lucky enough to be placed in Kim’s care and believe I wouldn’t have had the success that I have, had I been placed in ANYONE else’s. Kim provided advanced OCD treatment that was not available to me otherwise. I spent months doing ERP and ACT therapy, that was not easy but, ultimately changed my life. I received treatment from Kim for about a year and a half and although she is technically No longer my therapist, she is gracious enough to follow up with emails every few months just to see how things are going! I am proud to say that I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!!! And, am able to do all of those things I couldn’t and more all because of the treatment I received from Kim. I believe she is second to none, and am forever grateful to have found such an Amazing, life changing Therapist."


"Fear had been a part of my life for so many years that I had forgotten what it was like to truly live. I had seen over twenty mental health professionals in the hope of finding relief from my OCD. Sometimes the therapy would work, only for my symptoms to resurface later on. As desperately as I wanted to get better, I was afraid to fully confront my fear. That changed when I started working with Kim. No longer did I just sit around talking about my problems without actually doing anything about them. Therapy with Kim was different. When I felt uncertain about how to proceed, she would jump out of her chair, say “you can do it!” and empower me to face my fear. I had grown incredibly resistant to making any changes in my behavior and in my life, and Kim helped pull me out of that, pushing me to challenge myself and make a change. Most importantly, Kim taught me to be fearless. Through her dedication towards my success and her complete support, Kim has truly allowed me to shine. I love my life and cannot wait to do extraordinary things with the freedom that I now have. Today I am fearless. And I have Kim to thank for that."


"I worked with Dr. Glazier Leonte primarily in the areas of anxiety, work-related stress and relationships. She provided humane, insightful and practical guidance and helped me to set goals for my life and figure out how to move towards them. Over the course of two years’ therapy with Dr. Glazier Leonte, I gained perspective on problems that came up and developed better strategies for managing them—strategies that I continue to draw on today. Kim's input was always perceptive, kind and on-target. I am now in a good relationship (recently engaged) and feel much more positive about my career. I still refer to our session notes when challenges come up, and remain enormously grateful for her help."

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