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Clearview Horizons | OCD Specialty  Group Practice

  Dream. Believe. Achieve. 

Treatment Philosophy: Compassionate Care and Success Focused Results

"Before I began therapy with Kim I was in my early 20s, just out of college, and felt lost, hopeless, and deeply sad. I had been in therapy before and tried various antidepressants, and while these treatments had helped me to feel a bit better and get through some hard times I still felt that I was, at heart, a sad person and always would be. My work with Kim changed all that. Kim made me feel right off the bat that I had finally found a therapist who could really understand and help me. People often say that their therapist has “given” them “tools” that help them to cope with their problems. Kim did give me valuable cognitive tools, but to describe her technique as a therapist in just those terms would be doing her a disservice. Kim helped me to find the tools for myself, employing a truly collaborative therapy that allowed me to find and make use of strengths I had forgotten I had. In addition to transforming my experience of anxiety and depression, Kim helped me to explore my values and interests and ultimately to find a meaningful career path that has given me a sense of purpose in life that I never thought I would have. In addition to a mastery of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and her broad knowledge of the science behind modern psychology, Kim brings her own special brand of empathy and compassion to her work. Her genuine expression of caring, curiosity, and enthusiasm for therapy continue to inspire me, and will undoubtedly help to change the lives of many clients. I cannot recommend Kim as a therapist highly enough or properly express my gratitude for our work together. I can say though that regardless of what you’re struggling with, whether it’s difficult life changes, painful emotions or seemingly unchangeable and problematic habits, Kim will be able to help in a way that only the most talented of therapists can."

- Sam

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