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Clearview Horizons Team

Ryan Spellman


My Therapeutic Approach

Providing a safe and non-judgmental environment for clients is of great importance. In addition, understanding clients’ challenge areas and collaboratively working with clients to take actionable steps toward desired change, is the center of my approach.

The main therapy approaches I utilize with clients are: Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Ryan Spellman | Therapist at Clearview Horizons

To schedule an appointment please contact Kimberly Glazier Leonte, the Director of Clearview Horizons, at the following:

Email:  - Phone: 978-270-8925

*Please note that all sessions with Ryan are via tele-therapy

My Education and Training


I have received comprehensive training through Clearview Horizons’ in regards to OCD, anxiety, perfectionism, and body-focused repetitive behaviors. Through my work at Clearview Horizons I also receive on-going training which further enhances my skills and helps keep me up-to-date on empirically supported treatments.

My prior work in the mental health field includes five years experiencing working within the substance use field. At Riverbank House, an addiction recovery center, I provided one-on-one clinical care and group therapy for residents. I also assisted with the on-going development of the program’s curriculum. My role as a co-Founder of the River Wellness Center involved assisting with the opening of their intensive outpatient program (IOP). In addition, I previously worked for Fusion Academy, a private school that strives to help kids who are struggling with the traditional classroom setting.

I have completed the Certified Recovery Coach training which is associated with the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches and have also completed a Certificate in Integrative Behavioral Health. I previously attended Champlain College, transitioned to working in the mental health field to gain extensive clinical experience, and am now completing my degree at Southern New Hampshire University. For a more in-depth look at my clinical experiences please refer to my curriculum vitae.

My Areas of Specialty

As anxiety and depression are common underlying factors that lead to substance use difficulties, through my extensive work within the substance use field, I have gained significant experience working with clients struggling with anxiety and depression. There is a broad range in ways in which anxiety can show up for people including, social anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety, and emetophobia or other types of phobias. Similarly, the underlying processes with OCD tends to be an anxiety-based reaction to uncomfortable thoughts that results in people engaging in rituals to try to make the anxiety go away. Through my clinical experiences, I have developed a passion in helping clients learn how to change their relationship with anxiety/OCD, through the power of Exposure work and other acceptance-based approaches.

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